InsectiGen's Products and Lines of Business

InsectiGen's business foundation is the commercialization of its expertise and demonstrated ability to produce economically viable biopesticide products and services.

There are several different pest control strategies including chemical sprays, genetically conferred plant protection traits and bio-control agents such as insecticides or mosquitocides.  Chemical sprays predominate in the market because they are highly effective and economically viable. The leading crop protection strategy is transferring genes to plants for the expression of proteins (toxins) that kill specific insects that consume the plant material, but are non-toxic to other species that eat the plant. The most widely cultivated “transgenic” plants in the market are those using the insecticidal proteins expressed by genes derived from the common soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis, commonly referred to as Bt. The bio-control strategy involves the application of biopesticides.  These products are highly desirable because they are environmentally friendly and are not toxic to humans and other vertebrate animals. 

Bt is also the leading biopesticide alternative to the use of chemicals to control mosquitoes and the gypsy moth. Bt is the biopesticide of choice for government regulators. Its combined efficacy and specificity against these high value pests and lack of activity against mammals makes it the preferred option of many producers and government agencies. In addition, its use is on the rise due to the increasing incidences of mosquito-vectored human disease and spreading deforestation due to the gypsy moth.

InsectiGen's technology focuses on improving the performance of Bt toxins against high value plant pests and mosquito-vectored human disease.

Our business operations are aligned into two areas:

Biopesticide Solutions

Crop Protection Traits

Lines of Business

Our current products include: